Bonesteel Portable Sawmill

 & Molding, LLC


Bonesteel Portable Sawmill & Molding, LLC provides customized service in the following areas:
  • On-site wood milling
  • Portable wood milling
  • Logging
  • Solar Kiln *

We love and respect our land and will respect yours as well. You can feel confident that we will not destroy your property with our portable milling , and logging service.

* Many of our customers don’t have the time or space to dry lumber for their projects, so we decided to add kiln drying to our services.  Research shows that wood dried in a solar kiln is more stable and may warp and twist less than wood dried by other methods.  The disadvantage to solar drying is that it takes more time to dry the wood, especially in the winter months.  All things considered, we decided to build a solar kiln and based our design on a model posted on the WoodWeb site.

We finished our solar kiln in late March and we couldn’t wait to give it a test run.  Our first charge was Poplar 4/4 for a molding order.  It took approximately three weeks to achieve 7.8% MC.  We are very pleased with the results and excited about using energy from the sun to create kiln dried lumber.


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